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Screenshot 2016-05-13 10.13.34Downtown Brevard NC Offers Singular Shopping Experience

The Atlanta Journal-Constitution highlights some hot spots in Downtown Brevard, including Rocky’s Grill &  Soda Shop and D.D. Bullwinkel’s.





Screenshot 2016-05-13 10.37.14

Brevard Receives Loan to Revamp Vacant Department Store Building 

The City of Brevard was approved for a loan under the state’s Community Development Block Grant program, helping to support redevelopment of a vacant department store building on Brevard’s Main Street for use by D.D. Bullwinkel’s.




Screenshot 2016-05-13 10.26.42

Perkins Family Expanding Stores – Brevard NC

February 2016 Transylvania Times announced the expansion of D.D. Bullwinkel’s and Moose Tracks Footwear to a new location on Main Street in Downtown Brevard.





ddb 20 annivD.D. Bullwinkel’s – After 20 Years Store Going Strong

December 2014 D.D. Bullwinkel’s celebrated 20 years of business in Downtown Brevard!